Eyvon at Talking loud & saying something at Dingwalls
Downstairs at Snap
Chris at Talking loud & saying something at Dingwalls
Wag Club
Dingwalls Dancefloor
Dingwalls Final Session
Jude at Dingwalls
Eyvon at The Wag
Monday Nights at The Wag
Talking Loud & Saying Something at Dingwalls
Shirly & Vera at Talking loud and saying something at Dingwalls
Hip Hop Disco
Pink Dress
Lick Party
Lost in Music - The Gallery


At the height of the Dingwalls Sessions everyone in the place would dance to the music in their own style, as individual as a fingerprint. And somehow all this disparate movement, however many configurations or interpretations, would suddenly come together focused and unified as the whole room jumped to where the music had taken us.

I can’t begin to tell you the joy and power of those moments, I don’t have the words to describe them properly. But it has to do with the part of the human spirit that can’t be beaten down. Although I can’t tell you what this quality is exactly, it is something so familiar to us, that we recognise it instantly when we see it in a photograph.